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IT service skills: Why this gap needs urgent plugging

IT Service managers know that their skillset has expanded well past the traditional realms of maintenance and helpdesks. According to this article by Kevin Streater, IT service skills have now expanded to commercial growth, customer relations, and improvements to operational efficiency. A new approach was needed and that’s why the new postgraduate certificate in Advanced Professional Practice for IT Service Management came into being. The certificate focuses staff development on broader business objectives while offering the individual a transferable academic qualification. IT service managers have come far in a short space of time. From manning helpdesks and choosing new hardware from a catalogue, they now deliver tangible benefits for their organisation’s reputation, service and bottom line. The response to this need to foster a new skillset has prompted The Open University to create a new postgraduate certificate for service managers, aimed at addressing real-life business issues, broader business objectives, and insight into the relationship between IT and the business as a whole.

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