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IT Service management: The only way is ethics

judgeBusiness ethics has seen a resurgence of importance in recent times, which can be attributed to corporations and organizations losing millions due to breaches in trust and mismanagement of investor money. So what does this mean to IT service management? According to the author Matthew Burrows, ethics is the only way to go about IT service management success:

The IT Service Management Forum (itSMF) has a code of ethics and standards of conduct, rolled out globally by itSMF International to the national chapters, and which all members are required to abide by. Every itSMF UK management board meeting includes a standard agenda item, which is to declare any potential conflicts of interest. The Professional Recognition of IT Service Management scheme (priSM) promotes professionalism, and upon application for a priSM credential, applicants are required to sign up to the itSMF codes mentioned above.

Through this focus on business ethics, it service management can strengthen its value and trust within the business. Not only does it cut down on legal costs, but promoting ethics in IT service management helps build lasting trust that can mean a stronger place at the CEO table.

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