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IT Service Management Can Ease Cloud Transition

The idea of shifting from traditional IT to the cloud may seem concerning to much of the IT organization, but in truth it can mean that they are even more important than ever before. According to Ann All, IT will become less involved in creating IT services and much more a part of managing them: Still, internal IT staff should, in theory, enjoy an edge, since they should have an easier time understanding current customer needs, forecasting future ones and taking steps to ensure their IT architecture will support those needs. Under that scenario, an internal service desk becomes more important, not less, says consultant Rob England, author of the IT Skeptic blog and one of the sources cited in a Federal Computer Week article. One of its most important roles will be presenting a “cohesive face of information” to users. However, there will be less emphasis on specific IT services and more on general organizational services, he says. This shift could mean a second wind for ITIL and other methodologies. ITIL in particular, with its ability to integrate IT with the overall business, can prove to be a powerful tool for IT organizations that are moving from development to cloud support.

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