IT Project Management: Is Experience Overrated?

This article, from CIO insight's website, discusses the importance of experience against ingenuity.   The author refers to a personal experience where he witnessed his niece, completely inexperienced in project management, take on and successfully accomplish a terribly difficult project that the most experienced project manager would have run from. Angie and her colleague knew they were taking on a difficult project. There was no way to expect it to be easy, and it wasn't. However, they also knew that they didn't have enough experience to do anything other than to precisely follow the proverbial playbook, in detail. So they did exactly that. No cutting corners. No shortcuts. I'd be willing to bet they annoyed some (maybe many) of their co-workers along the way. They spent time building their plan and, as a result, their plan was a pretty good one. They then worked the plan, sticking to the main elements and adjusting the details as they went along to account for the unanticipated bumps that all projects encounter. The result? A successful outcome delivered on time and close to the original budget; a smoothly functioning new system; happy customers; surprised (and pleased) management. The second part of the article warns readers of self-fulfilling expectations.   He concludes with stating that “There are old project managers, and there are bold project managers, but there are no old, bold project managers.”

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