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IT frameworks demystified

alexanderThis article from Network World attempts to remove some of the fogginess around some of the more popular IT frameworks that exist. Giving concise but helpful explanations of ITIL, COBIT, CMMi, and ISO 17799, it explains origins, the benefits and the possible risks with each IT framework. The article goes on to list a few real-world examples of each framework in action, and what successes are encountered through their use:

At Homestore, a provider of online real estate services, ITIL is providing better measures of IT service levels for capacity planning, business continuity and networking following multiple corporate acquisitions, says Phil Dawley, CIO at the Westlake Village, Calif., company. The company uses a variety of software tools, including Cendura's Cohesion, to achieve ITIL compliance.
The framework also will help Homestore adopt on-demand computing and other elements of the new data center, Dawley says. “If you're managing a more complex, decentralized environment, then you'd better be more sophisticated about the processes you use to manage those. ITIL gives us a way to understand [all IT processes]. The new data center will not operate effectively until we've been able to measure and monitor all those systems.”
The article explains how the frameworks sometimes worked off of each other (such is the case with ITIL and ISO 17799), and what a company can expect when implementing and utilizing the strengths of each.

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