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Is Your Project Manager Colonising Your Mind?

This article looks at a different perspective of micromanaging, one in which project managers are micromanaging and colonizing the ideas of their subordinates.   According to the author, in these cases project managers should be providing assistance and guidance, instead however they are insisting on controlling the entire process of building the concept from inception to completion. Under the pretext of challenging and brainstorming the idea, the project manager embarks on a painstaking process to supplant ideas into the minds of subordinates. No matter how weak or skewed the ideas may seem, they are gradually implanted into the minds of the subordinates until their minds are intellectually colonised.   Any resistance from the subordinates, no matter how justified it is, is met with ridicule and endless debates that quickly digress into accusations about the subordinates’ inability to comprehend the wider picture, or understand what executives really want. If by chance, flaws in the idea are pointed out by employees of higher rank, the idea is immediately revised, but the mistakes are never admitted before the project team. Abid Mustafa, the author, continues by writing that subordinates who possess a superior understanding about a particular idea rapidly learn that efforts to persuade are futile and that they will eventually capitulate.   Mustafa does a terrific job explaining just how counter-productive this type of leadership can be throughout this entire article.

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