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Interview: Simon Morris, “Sneaking ITIL into the Business”

Simon Morris needed to drive down the costs associated with break-fix and escape the work cycle that was spiraling his teams into the ground. Starting with continual service improvement, Morris began to see the benefits almost instantly. Unfortunately, it was hard to get the buy in necessary for a complete ITSM transformation; so he made sure to “sneak it in” in little sections until it was obvious to executive management that the value was well worth the cost: If I’m completely honest we had to “sneak it in”! We were under huge pressure to improve the level of professionalism, and to increase the credibility of IT, but constructing the business case for a full ITSM transition was very hard. Especially when you factor in the cost of training, certification, toolsets and the amount of time spent on process improvement. As I said, at the point I left the company we had full time headcount dedicated to ITSM, and getting approval for those additional people at the outset would have been impossible. We were lucky to have some autonomy over the training budget and found a good partner to get a dozen or so engineers qualified to ITILv3 Foundation level. At that point we had enough momentum, and our influence at departmental head level to make the changes we needed to. The story and lessons Morris provides prove the value of implementing effective processes in your organization – even if that means doing so without the immediate support of executive managment.

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