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Interpersonal Skills and Project Management

Since when did having people skills become unimportant? An article on PMHut suggests that interpersonal skills in the office are just as important now as they ever were in the past. A lack of interpersonal skills can lead to a lack of emotion intelligence as well. This can be detrimental to workplace and team relationships, so thinking of interpersonal skills as unnecessary fluff is more dangerous than it may seem.

The article goes on to list 11 aspects of interpersonal skills taken from the PMBOK Guide – Fifth Edition. These aspects include leadership, team building, and motivation, among other things. When it comes to motivation, the article reminds us that commitment is always key:

How do you get a committed team who will work hard toward a project’s goal? First, you need to find out how to motivate them. This task may be more difficult than you originally think, because not everyone is motivated in the same way. One person may be money motivated, while another is better by professional achievement and growth. Get to know your team and what motivates them, and develop a strategy to improve incentives that speak to those motivations.

Communication is also without a doubt crucial to building strong interpersonal office relationships. Making sure everyone feels free to communicate thoughts, questions, and interests is vital to the success of your projects and your project teams. Without strong communication, everything you have worked so hard for could potentially fall apart.

Everyone has their own tips for improving interpersonal relationships in a business setting. Some may work better for one person than the next, so try different things to see what is most appropriate for your organization. What else do you think should be done to beef up interpersonal skills?



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