In case you missed it: RILA 2012 Sustainability Report

Retailers are moving closer and closer to increased sustainability goals. As this article from Supply Chain Brain highlights, the RILA 2012 Sustainability report shows how Target wants to achieve an Energy Start certification for 75% of its locations, and The Home Depot is focusing on the use of local materials, among others. A major element of sustainability success comes down to the people who are outside of the company – the people who supply the raw goods, materials, and deliver it to your customers: Many of the challenges are rooted in the fact that the retail industry relies on so many internal and external stakeholders – landlords, manufacturers, suppliers, transport companies, local governments, employees, customers, the communities surrounding stores and social and environmental advocates. Retailers need to work well with all of them to succeed in terms of business and sustainability. Increasingly, according to the report, retailers are recognizing that need and acting upon it. The industry also is beginning to realize that sustainability and business success are entwined. The report also identified key trends from retailers: Working with stakeholders for sustainability, the use of sustainability to drive growth, the drawing in of IT, measurement and management tools into one single point, and increasing transparency.

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