Implementing an Online Training System: Challenges and Risks

Companies assume-often correctly-that the can save time and overhead by providing training to their staff online. Online training systems allow for asynchronous training opportunities, consistently updated content, and training that can be company wide without the logistics of physical space requirements. However, online training also comes with its own set of considerations and problems. HRDonline points out 8 mistakes that often occur when companies attempt to launch an online training system without first considering the challenges that are upcoming. A mistake that is often made during implementation is simply failing to understand the importance of following up after the initial online training sessions: Failing to follow up is a common reason for online training projects failing. Signing the cheque and appointing an online training project manager even with administrative support is not enough. Successful online training initiatives means having business champions, in support of the online training project manager's administrative team. All champions must be given the authority to design, build and promote customised online training programmes. In addition champions could create an interdisciplinary online training delivery and support team of stake-holders who, in turn, can build the online training skills needed to use the system effectively. Online training is not an isolated event. Despite the mindset of assigning employees to online training and then checking a few weeks later if they completed it, online training does take an intelligent, consistent process. Consider what the end goal is, how to prepare your workforce for the training, and how to reinforce the training during and after completion. The value of online training isn't that it can be assigned and forgotten about – the value is that your team can learn independently of a classroom setting, can review elements repeatedly, and save time through self guidance.

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