How to Thank Your Employees in Only 8 Words

It doesn’t take much of anything to say thank you to employees-but for some reason it’s hard for CIOs to remember to do it more often.Take some time to understand the importance of saying thank you to your own working team. After all, it is their effort that keeps the ball moving every day. This article by Geil Browning discusses how saying thanks means more than writing a name preprinted, generic card. Sure, you remember anniversaries and birthdays, but that’s really not a genuine expression of appreciation. That genuine expression of thanks is what makes the effort valuable to the person receiving it, and that’s the first lesson in this article. This also comes with a piece of advice as to why employers should recognize achievement at all:

The analytical readers among you are already thinking this article is entirely too touchy-feely, so let me add that there is also a self-serving aspect of thanking people. When you recognize the contributions of others, you reinforce the kind of behavior you want to see again. People who feel their efforts are noticed, and their work makes a difference, are more likely to go the extra mile in the future.  Leadership is about empowering others to realize their own abilities.  Communicate your belief in your people, and watch them rise to meet your expectations. Some of you are  now  thinking, ‘How am I supposed to find the time to write personal notes when I have [insert important obligations]?’ Well, I  can show you how to thank someone appropriately in eight words or fewer. You can do that. Also, you don’t want to be that boss who has her assistant order flowers once a year on each employee’s birthday. Save your money. Everybody knows someone else did it for you.

Browning utilizes the findings of Emergenetics to show how different employees need different sorts of recognition. For instance, a talkative, social employee might enjoy a public thanks more than a quiet employee (who generally prefers a 1 on 1 meeting where appreciation is expressed). Have you considered such a unique and customized thank you for each of your employees? It might be the time to. Keep in mind (if you’re thinking about how much of an effort this might take on your part) that employees who feel valued do better work and are willing to put in extra effort if needed. That in itself makes the time you spend thank your employees worth it to do.

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