How to Measure IT Value

Corporations need to have hard justifications and business reasons as to why they intiate IT projects. This isn’t always as easy as just indicating the value – the value has to be measured and shown through that measurement in order to carry any weight. But how to do just that? In this .PDF, Howard Rubin provides what he calls a “complete way of viewing and measuring business value for any IT initiative or system.” The PDF includes how to show IT value when dealing with a system or initiative, Inventory management & distribution system, and customer relationship managment systems. Each domonstrates what the business priority is, what the customer value is, then the business process value, and finally the value to IT. This basic top to bottom value identification system helps IT rapidly identify who is benefitting from what, and how. IT also helps determine which value the IT effort provides is most important, creating a chance to direct IT efforts in a way that helps those stakeholders who would benefit greatest from the implemntation, initiative, or solution.

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