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How to Manage Your Time as a Project Manager, by Andy Trainer

A quality that is often underappreciated in project managers is time management. Sure, you may have loads of technical knowledge and all of the right training for the job, but if you are working late every single night, something is probably wrong! This post by Andy Trainer explains how managing your time as a project manager is just as important as managing the project itself. With that in mind, this post lists a few items that project managers must keep in mind if they want to excel at time management, including a brief section on what poor time management looks like: The number one sign of someone who is failing at time management is someone who claims that time spent planning is a waste of precious time. Those who say they don’t have time to take a step back to prioritise time management over doing are doomed to failure. Whilst an office manager or site manager may have their time management skills scrutinised, you’re not likely to have this as a project manager; there are many other aspects of the project that are being valued instead. If you feel that you have too many demands on your time, take a step back and plan — in whatever way works best for you. Whether this is in the form or to-do lists or otherwise, the main thing is that you make time management a priority. Trainer explains how keeping meetings on task, excelling as a people manager, and sticking to the framework of the project are a few ways that busy project managers can help themselves have enough time to do work with the amount of attention and skill required. Keep in mind that this advice should be used all together; the most benefit will come to project managers who utilize every suggested aspect of this article to manage their time while they manage their projects.

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