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How to Make ITIL Implementation Successful

This article lends a hand in answering the million dollar question of how to make ITIL implementation a success.   Specifically, the article discusses what the author considers to be the top 5 ways to make ITIL successful.   One of the five ways is management buy-in: Getting senior management on-side, enthusiastic and leading by example is just as important as them funding your ITIL training in the first place. Make sure whoever is sponsoring your project has faith in ITIL and is committed to liaising with all of the relevant stakeholders (including senior management).   One quick way to get their support is to start with some visible processes where obvious improvements can be made. If they’ve already funded your training, they may think their involvement stops there. It won’t, so make them aware from the start that visible changes (for the better!) will start to appear in IT services.   Proven benefits of ITIL are increased organisational productivity and reduced costs. Once the board understand that, they are sure to give you their full support! Just be careful to ensure that their expectations are realistic, if you promise them savings that you’ll never achieve, you may lose their buy-in altogether. A few of the other suggested ways include: knowing where to start, having dedicated process owners and regularly reviewing your training.   This is an exceptionally informative post that could potentially help get a business well on their way to successfully implementing ITIL.  

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