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How to Develop Next-Gen Project Managers

Project management executives of the future won't be limited to the vision of the projects they're working on: they'll be focused on the strategic goals of the company, how to meet company objectives, and consistently focus on the “big picture”.   According to this article by Lynn Haber, however, that isn't enough. The organizations those executives work for must also invest in the project managers they bring into the organization. Without front line management that give more than just a completed project, organizations cannot expect to reach the highest level of project management maturity possible:

  A recent study by ESI International — “The Global State of the PMO” — reports that next-generation Project Management Offices that actively engage in helping employees apply what they learned in training back on the job, reach higher levels of maturity in their role than organizations without active engagement. Similarly, the Project Management Institute's (PMI) recent “Pulse of the Profession” report finds that PMO managers agree that having a career path that includes nurturing the skill sets of their project and program managers is one of the most critical factors for success and a company's competitive advantage. 
This saves money, and Haber explains that companies which have a high project management maturity save millions over companies that do not, and the difference comes from hiring the right people and investing in their project management abilities. Some ways to invest in project managers include facilitating and supporting certifications; and with forty percent of IT professionals saying that a certification helped them, why not? Making sure your project managers are trained in the best, most up-to-date methods of project management makes a huge difference between being prepared for the future or just going on with business as normal.

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