How to Be a Visionary Thinker

VisionaryGetting paid to do what you love is oftentimes a stereotypical phrase that people move past pretty quickly when reading an article, but this piece by Marla Tabaka takes a different approach to that idea: what can you do to make your dream job (and dream paycheck) a reality? Tabaka explains that many people never ask themselves what they'd be willing to do to become what they always wanted to be. Living “the dream” isn't just daydreaming and wishing; it requires strategic planning and practical thinking. Tabka uses a 4 step process developed by Marcia Wieder (former president of the National Association of Women Business Owners) to help anyone achieve the business dream. One suggestion concerns overcoming obstacles: 

You are in the business of making your customer's dreams come true. By building more value and rapport you will quickly eliminate the obstacles that stand between you and your future customer. Make it easy for people to say yes to you by encouraging them to share their ideas with you. Explore all of the possibilities, which includes having the guts to ask why if someone says no to your offer. This can create a more meaningful, rapport-building conversation that may open the door to other opportunities. Be clear about what you are asking for and make sure you are not asking for too much too soon. 

Another key tip is “don't leave a discussion without determining a next step.” This tip is a terrific one to keep in mind for almost any business related meeting: always move one step further than where you were before the meeting

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