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How CIOs Can Help Facilitate Systems of Engagement

According to Michael Friedenberg, president and CEO of IDG Enterprise, the U.S economy is finally starting to show some promise.   He is reassured by the spending occurring in sectors such of manufacturing, retail, financial and healthcare. Furthermore, Mr. Friedenberg insists that IT priorities are being restructured to include strategies for revenue growth and customer engagement.   CEOs are asking for CIOs to help will these challenging endeavors: Yet many CEOs are now turning to CIOs to help them accelerate revenue growth and deepen engagement with customers. If that sounds familiar, it’s no wonder. This is probably the third cycle in the past decade where you’ve been asked to flip the switch from cutting costs to generating revenue. Moore calls this latest wave of Web-based, customer-friendly, consumer-driven IT “systems of engagement,” referring to their enormous effect on the way we collaborate and connect in our business and personal lives. The article further elaborates on “The big 5″ that are fueling this new system of engagement.   Mr. Friedenberg provides a great deal of insight in this article, for CIOs and anyone else that is generally interested in, quite possibly, the future of IT.

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