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HCM, HIM and Agile are Perfect Together

Human Capital Management (HCM), Human Interaction Management (HIM), and Agile – what’s the link? Well, it’s the people, according to Brian Lucas. Agile is centered around people, and that makes things like HCM and HIM a perfect fit. Human Capital Managment and Human Interaction Management are centered around the idea that you want your employees to work while they are at work – to be engaged and active in the success of your company. Agile is remarkabile in it’s ability to engage employees – and that makes the systems complementary. The problem being faced is this: less than 1 in 4 workers are fully engaged in the goals and effort of the company they’re employed by. That spells alot of money and time being wasted on people who are only partially engaged in the bottom line. Human Capital Management can reengage employees who are not engaged by refocusing on the human side of business rather than the process side of business. HCM in particular emphasizes the importance of treating people with value and allowing them to determine thier own solutions:

Treat every employee as a valued asset.   Avoid ranking systems and eliminate high incentives for top performers.   Reward employees evenly based upon objective performance criteria and behavior that is documented in detail.   Describe the specific actions and types of behaviors that accompany each level of the rating system.   Focus on behaviors not results at any cost.
Each manager needs to understand that their purpose is to provide direction to employees and facilitate their needs, not micromanage.   Managers need to learn to honestly listen more than they speak.   Management also needs to use the opportunity afforded by performance reviews to obtain business intelligence information from associates.
Agile, in this case, already downplays process for the importance of people, and can help facilitate a stronger HCM and HIM effort within your organization. Lucas ends the piece by recognizing that the world  is constantly changing    the way it  handles business and people, and adaptability is quickly becoming the strategic advantage of companies – focusing in on people and enabling them to engage in  the goals of their organzation are the key to  future achievement.


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I appreciate the slides being included here, but is there a PowerPoint version of this or a webinar that I could access. I am in charge of a eHPM initiative at our company and would like to explore this more.

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Barry, I will send the PowerPoint to your email address. You can contact me by email if you have any questions. -Brian

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