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Google Drive accelerates shift to cloud computing

Although the point could be made that cloud computing is becoming enough of a presence on its own, the release of Google Drive certainly greases the wheels when it comes to organizations moving further and further into a completely online computing solution. Google Drive — the company’s solution to storing files online — is more than a competitor to Dropbox (as this article by Navneet Alang explains), but moreso an aggressive move by Google to move people along towards working in the cloud:  By emphasizing the relationship between storing and working in the cloud, it lays the groundwork for moving all our applications and data online. Rather than simply a warehouse, Drive will form part of a product suite that can effectively make Google your online home: a place where you  do  things with your files, rather than merely store them. For Google, the purpose of this push is the same as for all its products: to tie you further into its ecosystem. The more information Google has about your habits and preferences, the better it can target you with ads. But more important, by building out the infrastructure for cloud computing, Google is spearheading a future when using software stored  on  a computer will seem as archaic as twenties stuffed under a mattress. So how does this accelerate your organization? Consider this: the utilization of free services that are inherently cloud driven may reduce your organization’s hesitancy (albeit, only a little) towards full-fledged use of online solutions, allowing you to create an interconnected, agile environment.  

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