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Generation Y: Are we a BYOD policy nightmare?

Bring your own device (BYOD) is causing plenty of concern for organizations. To start with, BYOD is a hard thing to regulate. There are so many options for operating systems alone that a simple blanket policy won’t do, and there’s the added question about who is ultimately responsible for lost files, lost devices, and services. Charlie Osborne explains how Generation Y (those born between 1981-82 to the mid 2000’s ) have and will continue to bring their own devices to the workplace: Generation Y members, who are either already in the workplace or attempting to enter it, are a particular group that has caused concern, according to new research. Those in the twenty-something bracket expect to be able to use their own devices at work, and a third would ignore security policies if they barred the use of personal mobile devices in the workplace. Osborne suggests harnessing this attachment to BYOD to accelerate business. She explains how Generation Y understands the nature of digital networks more than older counterparts, and that can be used to expand profitability. Furthermore, members of Generation Y see themselves (not the company) as responsible for their devices, and accept that responsibility.

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