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Fully Utilize Your PMO: Implement Key Techniques and Best-In-Class Practices

Are you using your PMO in every way possible? If you think you are, can you be sure it’s the case? This presentation by Michael J. Stratton highlights how PMOs can positively affect the outcome of projects, the benefits of monitoring and controlling enterprise projects using a PMO, and how best practices with project management methodologies allow for more predictable results. After a high level overview of Boeing (the company Michael J. Stratton works for), he goes on to explain how Boeing utilizes a structure of two businesses (commercial airplanes and integrated defense systems) which are bound together by corporate functions like business development, communications, engineering, public policy, and human resources. The company emphasizes the importance of projects, as projects are how things get done within any company (and how that company makes money, naturally). The presentation then lists the primary forces which create projects:

  • Regulatory Agencies
  • Customers
  • Improvements & Non-conformances

and how the company utilizes best in class practices for their PMO structure to handle each of these forces, requirements, risks, and processes. PMOs deal with what Stratton calls “white spaces”: the areas, or spaces, between business processes.” PMOs also work to integrate projects with one another and perform oversight. The presentation goes on to explain project portfolio management and its origins, how it can be used today, and best practices based around it. Valuable to anyone who wants a refresher on PMOs and PPM, Stratton’s presentation is well worth the time to look over.

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