Four Ways 3PLs Can Leverage Supply Chain Technology for Clients and Profit

Third Party Logistics (3PL) generally operate on the principle of lean and clean, that is, cost as little as possible while still maintaining the highest efficiency as possible. This article by Chuck Fuerst explains how to attract 3PL customers and make money in this dramatically competitive market. One of the best ways to increase profit is to make on-boarding of new clients lightning fast: It’s common that a 3PL will have a prospective client that wants a specific capability that isn’t yet available. Of course, the moment the client signs on the dotted line, they want their services right away and the 3PL still has a lot of work to do to set up their account. A key part of 3PL warehouse management system (WMS) technology is the ability to rapidly on-board clients with a configuration wizard that can make it easy to configure all the required data elements. Workflows can be very different for different industries and clients, but a best-in-class solution can apply preset rules by industry, plus any client-specific rules, so that the client is on-boarded in days, not months. Other tips include simplifying the management of clients, adopting a better billing practice (one that is automatic and self-correcting, for instance), and finally, provide your clients with real-time views of their inventory and billing.

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