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Five Skills to Enhance Project Management

Project management is a constant process of learning, testing, evaluating, and optimizing. It’s easy to get used to this process, but keeping yourself consistently aware of how to become even better is what separates the everyday project manager from the outstanding project manager. Executives are perpetually looking for skillsets in their project managers, and this article by Wayne Brantley provides five skills that are oftentimes overlooked by executive management, but are required to excel in project management:





  1. Public speaking
  2. Writing and electronic communication intelligence
  3. Networking
  4. Decisive leadership
  5. Research

The last skill listed – research – is something that is often overlooked as a key trait for good project management as Wayne Brantley explains: The most successful project managers have figured out the skillful art of pre-project research and planning. Being creatively resourceful when assembling a diverse team to tackle a tough, complex project demonstrates that you are research savvy and innovative. Being able to locate money-saving resources to bring about a more effective triple bottom line, or knowing the right contact to call to locate unfamiliar equipment or a new services can reveal your ingenuity to a hiring executive. Scanning through your qualifications should reveal the clues needed to show that you have staying power and bring a unique set of skills to the current team. Brantley also includes the importance of public and electronic communication, the ability to network both inside and outside of the companies you’ve worked for, and decisive leadership. The list contains, for the most part, skills that add the business side to project managers, a phenomenon that has become more prevalent in the last few years.

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