Failure is not an option – the London 2012 legacy

TEST As this issue goes to press the eyes of London and the world are on the Olympic village and the sports venues, but how many people realise that even before the opening ceremony the London 2012 games have left a legacy of Olympic standard – a £7.2 Billion programme of works completed on time, in budget, and one of the safest large-scale construction projects ever undertaken. Many of the lessons shared can be applied to projects or programmes in any discipline, and of any size.

The Olympic Delivery Authority has made available two .pdfs with the key lessons learned throughout the construction project; including Risk Management, which utilised a hierarchy of risk management: This approach enabled the management of risk at the right level, ie, project teams could focus on project risks, the executive could focus on programme-wide risks and the funders could focus on the external programme risks. This also encouraged involvement in risk management across the whole programme.   And also the use of dashboards to communicate complex data in a quickly digested format: The Programme Dashboards were designed to provide a concise, graphic ‘snapshot view’ of key performance indicators (KPIs) for senior management and stakeholders.

There were initially four (Olympic Programme, Venues and Infrastructure, Athletes’ Village and Transport), but these were augmented in the later stages of the programme with new dashboards for Park Transformation and Park Operations.   These two documents provide insight into the precise planning and execution which occur in a successful large scale project.

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