Excel as a Project Team

winningTrying to figure out how to advance both your people and their projects?   Well the author of this  blog states his opinion on the matter: there are three characteristics that are consistently found in great project practitioners. Dmitiri Ivaneko's take on the subject is that urgency, persistence, and desire are of the utmost importance in successfully excelling your business and employees:

 Executing projects with a sense of urgency means you and your team must really apply yourselves. Every day has to be productive. Tools must be properly utilized. The work needs to be completed with quality and according to the requirements. Don't look at the future as a way to fix the mistakes you might make today. Address items immediately and effectively so that you don't make them again.??

 The blog  goes on to address how significant persistence and desire both are in creating a strong team.   He concludes by saying that by being aligned we achieve more, have fun, constantly grow to become better at what we do.  

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