Project Management

Do You Have (Project Management) Culture?

Having good project management in place demands having a project management culture in place as well, and according to Jolyon Hollows, there are three key points that must be established for any organization to realize the full potential of project management.   For instance, having a business culture that doesn’t require documentation (reports, project charters, ect) is essentially saying “don’t bother me” when it comes to good, valuable and viable documentation.   Another key element of project management culture is training: People often ask me what the key is to achieving predictably successful projects: those in which failure is the exception and success is the norm. My answer is “training.” Many organizations baffle me. They wouldn’t dream of assigning someone as a designer or an architect or an engineer who had no training and no qualifications, yet they routinely assign someone who has neither to run their projects. Then they wonder why those projects struggle. The message is clear: in order to support a project management culture, you need to be willing to put time and effort into preparing your people, your organization, and your own expectations to achieve it. Creating the culture is the first and best step to making self-sustaining, consistently improving project management.

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