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Cyber warfare: don’t inflate it, don’t underestimate it

In this blog post, Mac Slocum interviews Jeffrey Carr the author of “Inside Cyber Warfare.” Carr answers questions regarding the major players, the hot spots, the huge problems, and the realistic solutions of Cyber warfare. Also included, is the one cyber warfare target that keeps him up at night. When asked to give somebody a firm sense of cyber warfare in five minutes or less he answered: I like the illustration of the introduction of the handgun. When Colt invented it, it became known as the great equalizer. So the way that the handgun revolutionized warfare is being done now, again. And it would be fair to call cyber warfare the great equalizer because it balances the scales between a vastly superior force and any nation. That's because of two things: the vulnerability of the current Internet and because most modern military forces are network-centric. The reliance on networks, particularly power networks, to conduct war is critical. Anybody who can attack the network can greatly inhibit a superior adversary. So I think that's a revolutionary step forward. When asked what the one thing is that keeps him up all night, Carr answered that most worrisome thing to him is the vulnerability of the power grid. He also states that the Department of Defense has identified 34 critical assets to conducting its mission and that 31 of those are dependent on the public power grid. This is a very insightful piece on a subject matter that many people consider a serious threat.

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