Crash Course: Five Ways to Optimise Your Projects and Resources ASAP

In order to be successful in today's economy, it is vital to have the competitive advantage.  Having accountability of all your people and how their time is being spent will help you to create this advantage.   This is imperative because, according to Mr. Finch, your competitor may have already beaten you to the punch.    This article discusses five ways in which an organization can optimize their projects and resources, and in a hurry: In any organisation, the immediate benefits of knowing what your employees are doing at any given point should be quite obvious: you want them working on tasks that are actually beneficial to the company. However, if you mistakenly believe that any forward progress is beneficial, roles become static and repetitive. Companies that have the same employee doing the exact same job for an extended period of time are quite frankly failing themselves and their employees. While roles might not be dynamic, humans are. Employees might become better at certain tasks over time and excel in areas outside their traditional roles. The article suggests five ways to get you well on your way to implementing a new, beneficial system that will result in well-tracked projects and resources.     A few of the recommendations Mr. Finch discusses are knowing exactly what people and resources you have available, how to track time to individual projects, and how to maintain a backlog of all projects.

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[…] Crash Course: Five Ways to Optimise Your Projects and Resources ASAP Accelerating IT Success May 3, 2012 […]
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