Controlling Project Risk by Design

In this .pdf, Niels Malotaux explains how project risk can be better controlled and mitigated by preparing for them as soon as the project is beginning to develop. The expansive 12 page paper focuses on the idea, action, and methodology of Evolutionary Project Management Methods – Evo for short. According to the paper: Evolutionary Project Management is a set of methods and processes, including a certain attitude, that allow people to routinely complete projects successfully on time, or earlier. Researching the root-causes of project problems, the author is constantly designing and optimizing methods to overcome these problems, as well as optimizing the process of introducing these methods to projects. Because Evolutionary is a long word, we use the abbreviation Evo, as a label for the current set of methods. Being routinely successful implies that we succeed in systematically controlling the risks threatening our projects. The paper then goes into the “key ingredients” of Evo: the Plan-Do-Check-Act method, the learning cycles, and requirements for Evo to work effectively in projects.

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