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Common Reasons for Project Management Failure

This article from Way2PM lists 10 common reasons projects fail, all of which can be used to prevent your projects from falling into the dangers of failure. While many of the reasons for failure seem like they come out of nowhere (due to lacking metrics, unexpected roadblocks or a shift in the company’s overall direction), the majority of the reasons center around ambiguity: Poor communication: good communication is essential in project management. All relevant employees who are working on the project need to be kept updated on changes, requirements, policies, costs, budgets and schedules. Visual management systems and online document control systems with a centralised database and easy accessibility are effective tools to keep people informed. Other reasons for project management failure include the use of unproven methodologies, a lack of quality controls, and insufficient qualified resources. If all of these sound like they have the same root cause, it’s because they do: a lack of definable information (resource availability, best practices, requirements, etc.) severely limits the chances of a project to succeed.

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