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Cloud IT and Business Alignment: Innovation, Speed, Agility

Alignment to the business is an enormous goal for most of IT, and it seems that using the cloud can help not only in alignment, but also by driving down cost while increasing speed of delivery. Rafat Shaheen discusses the value of enterprise services in the cloud and how it can dramatically impact what kinds of spending IT will do in the future, but also how governance, risk, and security are managed in a dispersed service model: This cloud services-based architecture will have a profound effect on service delivery and consumption for enterprises. Understandably, hybrid delivery is the practical delivery model since it is mainly a function of security, governance, control and performance, irrespective of source or location. In this model, distributed IT services are composed, delivered and consumed within the risk envelop of enterprise IT. As with any strategy, managing risk is its most important aspect, and a transformational IT strategy through strong governance is no exception. It is important to undergo a process of defining the target IT Infrastructure along with a list of the services delivered, business cases and critical success factors that will help achieve the desired business outcomes and deliver cost efficiencies as part of this transformation program. Shaheen states that the future of IT will most likely transform in three areas: first, IT becoming a service-centric organization, service providers developing new service offerings to satisfy the growing demands of enterprises, and independent vendors creating SaaS solutions to capture the cloud delivery model.

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