BYOD cheers up staff, boosts productivity – and IT bosses hate it

BYOD might make staff more excited to come to work and increase the amount they are able to do, but it’s causing a security headache for upper management. Despite early results highlighted in this article by Paul Kunert, many execs suspect hidden costs and dangers with a BYOD environment. So how do you measure between increased happiness and productivity with the risk of increased danger and cost? Either way, CIOs need to plan for BYOD, regardless of whether they want to welcome it in the workplace or not.

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“CIOs need to plan for BYOD, regardless of whether they want to welcome it in the workplace or not.” …and the plan could be simply not to¬†accommodate¬†BYOD. This whole notion of either accepting BYOD or be phased out is utter nonsense propagated by those advancing the agenda of companies now selling management consoles meant to make BYOD more palatable.

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Fair point to make – but even without accommodating BYOD, employees will still bring devices to work and (despite the CIO telling them not to do so) do work off of them. So does the CIO just ignore potential risk in t that? Does he or she punish an employee for using an Ipad?

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