Project Management

Build a Business case for lessons learned

What better way to learn, than from the past?   This article addresses the importance of project reviews and meetings, where lessons learned are at the heart of these sessions.   The author, Bernadine Douglas, insists that lessons learned meetings can make you aware of changes that may be needed to make your business more successful.   Also included, are tips to influence project sponsors to conduct these essential meetings:

Gather statistics and determine what you need to measure. 
If your company is concerned about quality, chart examples of projects where quality was lacking. If ROI for projects has not been good, share those examples.
Share success stories. 
Bring up achievements that occurred because of the attention on improvement. Discuss the situations that will make a difference to the bottom line.

Douglas also suggests taking discussions, with project sponsors, to a whole different level.   Also proposed, is that you should not think “we just need to know what happened” but instead that “we want to take action and get better results the next time around.”  

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