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Briefing: From Good to Great

cioasiaOn February 8th of this year CIO Asia organized a breakfast briefing where delegates from industries across the spectrum met to discuss how IT/business alignment affects sustainable growth. Working off of the CXO survey (which indicated the top management priority was to align IT and business goals), the speakers discussed the successes and failures of their own alignment experiences. A large part of the discussion centered around realizing the value of IT, as discussed by Mike Rhoads from IBM:

A generally accepted approach by organisations in developing their IT strategy is to base it on their business strategy. However, today's businesses are moving too fast for this traditional model.   “Realising the value of IT is not impossible if you have the right processes and tools in place,” said Mike Rhoads, Director for Rational Software, IBM Software Group. “The missing link between strategy and execution is having the right Application Portfolio Management and Enterprise Architecture framework. This is the key to ensuring that an organisation's priorities are clearly understood throughout the organisation.”

 One of the interesting points raised came from Sebastian Jammer of Telkomsel. Jammer explains how presenting the case for change to the executive team needs to seem urgent and necessary; as he calls it, the “burning platform”. The burning platform creates the sense of urgency while also giving the reasons for the change, allowing executive management the rationale and ability to be fully committed.

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