Boosting Supply Chain Sustainability

There are plenty of reasons for boosting sustainability in your supply chain. Deborah Catalano Ruriani lists a few in this article: reduce waste, cut costs, improve profit margins. Ruriani goes on to include 10 tips from Alan Amling, director of global logistics and distribution marketing at UPS. One of his tips is to “tune into technology”: When it comes to logistics, the smallest detail can mean all the difference. Using telematics and analytics, some logistics providers can identify even the smallest strength or weakness in operations, and realign them for better route and driver optimization. By staying in tune with every detail — from a left turn to an aircraft landing — you ensure that each leg of your supply chain is as sustainable and efficient as possible. Other suggestions include going paperless when possible, the optimization of transport (which vehicle of delivery is best given the distance and cost), and assessing your assembly strategy – consider if it's worth more to fully assemble equipment for shipping or if it makes more sense to assemble on site.

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