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Big Data: Why CEOs Should Care About It But Don’t

Big data has been regarded as a goldmine as much as a money pit, so where do you fall? Do you think big data is just big hype, or perhaps you're interested but in trying to learn more are thrown by the amount of technical information you're expected to know? Dave Feinleib sees big data's problem (that is, problem with becoming something other than confusing) is marketing. People just don't know how to talk about big data in a way that makes it seem appealing and valuable.  Feinleib points to the success of Apple as the way forward for big data: you don't need to talk about the how, but something much more close to the hearts of humans: Make it easy and elegant. Talk about the benefits. Don't hand people a bunch of technologies that require huge teams for them to get any benefit from them. Give them Big Data Applications that solve their needs instead. As an example, Splunk, one of this year's most successful IPOs, doesn't characterize itself as a replacement for “grep.” Instead the company talks about itself as the Oracle of machine data. That still doesn't mean a lot to most people. But it's a step in the right direction. Why is this important? Data is becoming a huge challenge for IT: the world is moving faster than ever to a digital existence, and all that information has to be stored somewhere. While big data isn't attractive at this point, it will be in the near future, and the people who want to get ahead of the curve need to present big data in  such a way that the business can get behind it.

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