Best Practices Example: PMI’s e-Learning

Creating the foundation for an outstanding online training program isn’t easy, nor is it fast. Consideration must be paid to who is using the training, what they need to learn, and how to best serve the way that learners will utilize the system. There are perhaps few better examples of how to properly develop and present e-Learning than the Professional Development tab found on the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) website. PMI provides varied online training courses, including instructor led, on demand, and an online quiz system which allows learners to earn PDUs while testing their knowledge of project management. The e-learning page is also explicit in what potential learners can expect within the training options though easy to understand and straightforward explanations: Our instructor-led eSeminarsWorld® courses feature discussion questions, individual and group assignments with classmates from all over the world, and timely feedback from qualified instructors. The format includes audio and graphic presentations, discussion questions, group projects, partner exercises, role-playing exercises, case studies and self-tests. Courses vary in length from one to two weeks. Participants log in daily to complete assignments. PMI credential holders can earn Professional Development Units (PDUs) toward certification requirements. PMI continues it’s stellar e-Learning setup by providing a freqently asked questions area and an easy to use search feature for determing topics, potential PDUs earned, and upcoming featured training. All of these features add up to a positive learner experience, resulting in returning learners, a trusted system, and more information retained after the courses are complete.

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