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Best Practices: Avoid The Pitfalls Of CRM “Cloud” Solutions

There are plenty of CRM cloud solutions available now: salesforce, Microsoft’s DAX CRM online, Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service, and more. But before you jump into choosing one over the other (or any), William Band suggests considering a few best practices. The first- and the one that will get mentioned the most in early discussions, is the true cost:

Understanding the true cost of a SaaS solution is important. The cost elements are software license fees, internal labor implementation costs, professional services fees, and user training costs. Additional SaaS cost drivers include fees for extra features like mobile and offline access, industry-specific functionality, storage capacity beyond a preset limit, and premium help desk support.

Another key consideration: make sure you understand the “planned maintenance windows” that many CRM vendors include in the contract. Even with a 99.5% uptime built into SLAs, an outage is an outage, and can cause major headaches for you and your business.

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