Be a Superhero: Focus Strategy for Business Impact

Who is your favorite super hero? Is it Batman, Spiderman, or Superman? I would be willing to bet it is not Really Good at Balancing Customer Needs with Strategic Business and Information Skills-man. However, according to an article on CIO.com, successful business executives must be all of those things if they hope to succeed in today’s business world. You must use a “coherent information strategy” to properly tap an organization’s potential:

Crafting a detailed information strategy and successfully executing it is a tall order, one that has eluded most organizations. IT has been managing information ever since businesses embraced the use of computers — so why are most organizations so ill-prepared to maximize the potential in their information assets? One word: volume. The sheer magnitude implied by the term “enterprise information” turns organizations away from the Sisyphean task of managing at the enterprise-wide level and toward the much more controllable scope of information in silos. However, the siloed view is an operational view, and maximizing information’s potential means looking across silos for relationships, strategic synergies, and insights. Unfortunately, few organizations are mature at harnessing subject matter expertise from the various business and IT areas and engaging in the collaboration necessary to establish the structure in information to make it available for analysis.

The article strongly suggests establishing a clear information strategy for a number of reasons. First of all, you can no longer be comfortable with the idea that other organizations are also not making optimal use of their information assets. This may have been the case in the past, but now that type of thinking will leave you in the dust. Furthermore, there are many valuable new opportunities in playing up to the hype surrounding new information sources. You want your company to be seen as being on the cutting edge. There is great advantage in realizing information’s potential so you can use it to your fullest advantage.
Keep in mind that some values from focusing your information strategy on business impact can be seen almost immediately. One obvious benefit is getting information to the right people at the right time. In addition, your organization can benefit from establishing and maintaining trustworthy information securely as well as taking advantage of new business opportunities in new information sources. You do not have to be a super hero to make information work for you, but when it does work, you will feel pretty super.

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