Are You Ready For Disaster?

Essential to any response planning, business continuity is the keystone of any organisation who hopes to get back to regular business as soon as possible after a crisis incident. This article from the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure identifies a range of advice for developing business continuity planning and some principles that all BCPs should contain. the plan itself sets out the agreed arrangements for bringing events under control, the necessary resources for maintaining critical business functions and the staff required for co-ordinating actions. It also needs to be clearly presented, avoiding vague internal references and abbreviations, and structured in such a way that people can quickly find and understand what is expected from them. The article describes what to consider for initial response, longer-term planning, and continuity preparations. For instance, the importance of how to contact your own employees, vendors, and out-of-hours contact for staff is explained, along with the creation of “emergency packs” with key documents and items needed for those who will be responsible in the case of emergencies.

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