Are we experiencing a CIO overhaul?

CIO are becoming more and more integral to the running of business, and that means that the role is rapidly changing into one that encompasses many responsibilities more often held by other positions. In this blog post, Christian Verstraete discusses a few of these roles using a simple mathematical approach: If I had to address this topic using math, I’d say that CIO = CBO + CDO + CTO, where CBO stands for Chief Brokering Officer and CDO for Chief Data Officer. This may actually mean a split of the function. The Chief Brokering Officer would be responsible for the services governance and its sourcing from the right provider. I use the term broker in line with the “cloud broker” concept used by NIST. The CBO is responsible for establishing a converged cloud approach as we discussed earlier and manage the lifecycle of the services requested by the business. The CDO on the other hand is responsible for information management, from social media analytics to business intelligence. The role of the CIO and IT is fundamentally changing. Rather than just providing a service or maintaining a resource, IT is becoming strategic (and the CIO a strategic planner).

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