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Adopting ITIL, COBIT is Not Always the Best Practice

Stephanie Overby, a frequent writer for CIO.com, makes her case that some process improvement projects and best practice frameworks may do more harm than good, especially when implemented by third-party IT service providers.   In particular, the author focuses on ITIL and COBIT throughout the article: Unfortunately, most of the time these process improvement efforts are implemented in isolation from the business simply for the sake of certification or compliance, says Pfauser. As a result, the business is not sufficiently engaged for the governance initiative to succeed. “Clients will bring a service provider in and ask them to ‘implement ITIL,’ and then assume their job is done,” Pfauser says. “[But] if the changes are imposed by a third party, there’s little incentive for the client-and especially the business-to be compliant. The initiative becomes a set of bothersome rules and procedures to follow with no apparent benefit. Furthermore, the article specifies how mature IT governance processes have become a vital part in improvement initiatives.   Pfauser concludes by stating that a clearly defined service catalog  which lays out the cost and composition of each unit of IT service allows the business to see what is being consumed and enables IT to see what is being delivered, which  allows them to manage their IT usage accordingly.  

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