A deep dive into supply chain and transport risk

Challenges and working within the unknown is old hat for many supply chain and logistics managers, and as this article by Jeff Berman explains, supply chain managers are actually getting a little better at dealing with supply chain risks profiles (while also creating some new ones). With the rise of globalization and concentrations of production, supply chains are encountering new risks and efficiencies: The report found that the biggest triggers of global supply chain disruptions for environmental issues were natural disasters and conflict and political unrest for geopolitical issues. For economic issues, it was sudden demand shocks, and for technology-based disruptions it was information and communications disruptions. In an interview, Jonathan Wright, executive at the Accenture Operations consulting leadership team, noted that over the last decade, the globalization of businesses has made it crucial for supply chain executives to reassess how they manage the risks facing their organizations. According to the article, 90% of respondents to the recent survey expressed that supply chain risk management has become a greater priority in their organizations over the past 5 years.

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