5 Steps to Better Project Management

The Five Easy Steps

Wait, there are easy steps to follow to create better project management?  According to Troy Larson of Mindjet, the answer is yes.  Larson suggests striving to create “all-star” team leaders as well as an understanding of team member skills.  Larson’s 5 steps are sure to help even struggling projects:

  • Understand project deliverables
  • Assign tasks according to strengths
  • Take ownership and lead
  • Keep the project on track
  • Asses and reflect

Understand Project Deliverables

Larson notes that, as a project manager, it is crucial that you understand project deliverables.  The project manager is the one who is responsible for acquiring and understanding what is needed to successfully complete a project.  If all results are measurable, the team as a whole will be able to better understand exactly what is expected of them.  Furthermore, the team leader will be better able to assign tasks within the team according to strengths:

A team leader may be working with a predetermined team, or have the ability and responsibility of assembling a team.  In either scenario, team leaders must understand the talents, the strengths, and the weaknesses of each of their individual team members.  Assigning the right task to the best team member is critical for project success.  You can imagine what happens when leaders make incorrect pairings.  Even the best of teams can run aground if the team leader fails to match up the tasks according to teammate’s strengths.

Take Ownership And Lead

Larson reminds us that effective project managers take ownership and lead in practice rather than in theory.  The project manager, as the name implies, must also keep the project on track.  Larson notes that this is the area in which ineffective project managers are most likely to fail.  If you establish check points and milestone reviews, you will be more likely to avoid failure and stay on top of things.

Finally, once the project is in completion mode, it is important to asses and reflect how everything played out.  By seeing what worked well and what did not work at all, productive changes can be made for the future.  Larson tells us that managing a project is often much less difficult than we make it out to be.  Using his five steps, your projects are sure to deliver the results you want without all the added stress.

Read the whole article here: http://blog.mindjet.com/2012/12/5-step-to-better-project-management/


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