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3 Best practices for your cloud computing first-timers

As businesses continue to turn to cloud computing, it has become increasingly important to establish a set of reliable methodologies and best practices.   David Linthicum, author of the article, has already started to create his list of best practices around successful cloud deployment. In this post he shares the three he recognizes as proven management concepts, dealing with the people aspect of cloud computing, for instance: Start with a high-value, tactical problem that can be solved with a public cloud Those who want their first cloud deployment to change the nature of enterprise IT are asking for trouble. Migrating highly visible and mission-critical systems to cloud-based systems carry too much risk for the first try. Instead, focus on a smaller problem that can bring well-defined value to the business, such as the use of a public IaaS for storage or perhaps outplacement of a single database. The other two concepts Mr. Linthicum addresses are how to address and plan for cloud security upfront and aggressively, and how to include as many people as you can during the review processes.   He concludes the article by saying “enterprises that follow these three practices are the ones that prevail in their move to the cloud.   It’s not an all-encompassing list, but it’s a good guide toward your own success.”

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