12 Ways to Use Tech on Thanksgiving

Do you plan to use tech during your Thanksgiving festivities? Have you considered how much of an impact technology has on Thanksgiving? This slideshow found on PCmag.com highlights 12 ways that tech can make Thanksgiving just a little more fun. For instance, there’s no longer a need to poll your family and decide what football game to watch – by using TiVo you can record several football games and watch them all throughout the evening. While this certainly may not appeal to everyone at your Thanksgiving table, it certainly will make those diehard sports fans happy. And what about family members that live too far away to make it home for the holiday? Well, why not keep in touch using video conferencing like Skype? This easy solution can make it feel as though the whole family is together – and that is really an outstanding way to bring the warmth of the holiday to everyone, no matter how many miles away they are. And even old standard activities can be enhanced through tech – consider the tablewide picture taking: While food is the focus for many on Thanksgiving, others spends days (if not weeks) planning how the table will look. Which china and utensils? What color table cloth? What about the floral arrangement? Once you’ve selected everything and laid it out perfectly–and before the hungry hoards destroy it in a Thanksgiving eating frenzy–you’ll want to capture the image and share it on, say, Flickr. Other ways to use tech include online recipes, using game systems (to keep the kids out of the kitchen while you’re busy making the bird), finding black friday deals online, and even the electric carving knife. However you decide to use technology this Thanksgiving, there’s sure to be as many options as there are side dishes!

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