10 Tips to Implement Project Portfolio Management

In this quick YouTube Video, 10 tips to implement project portfolio management (PPM) are shared. The first tip is to “start at the top” – an often overlooked step when attempting to implement PPM. As the video explains, senior level management buy-in and participation is the keystone of a successful implementation, without which you cannot expect the effort to succeed. Other tips include:

  • Avoid the Big Bang (overwhelming the organization)
  • Develop a governance process
  • Use a proven PPM tool
  • Forgive human errors, but not process errors
  • Use the tool in your operational reviews
  • Use executive dashboards
  • Be open to project failures
  • Anticipate business opportunities and constraints
  • Remember who the boss is

The tips represent elements of PPM implementation which are essential for the health of the effort. Getting executives on board, then team members, and then a tool/process are the three main elements of implementation. Manage those correctly, and the PPM implementation will be far easier than not.  

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