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10 Things about Project Management I learned From Dogs

Bob McGannon starts this article by writing that in this pressure filling world of managing programs and projects, it is a healthy thing to take a break, look at the world around us, and reflect.   With that in mind, have you ever wondered if your beloved dog had what it took to be a great project manager?   Well, this quirky article will touch on several Project Management traits that McGannon has learned from our canine counterparts, such as playing with whoever is around you: If projects aren't opportunities to produce “unique products or services”, introduce change to an organization, increase productivity or enhance the capabilities of your customer then they shouldn't be in your project portfolio. That being said, projects present the chance to make a real difference, and that is FUN. Manage your projects like a “prison camp” and you or your project team won't be creative, won't grow, and will not make the most of the collective skills present on the project. Lighten up, take lunches together, organize a project ping-pong tournament or try a new project management tool; there are many free options on the internet. Create a project environment where you can work hard and constructively “play” a bit and watch your success rate soar! Some of the other things that McGannon has learned about Project Management from dogs include: how to enjoy the simple delights of a long walk, how to run and greet loved ones, how to eat with gusto and enthusiasm and how to make new friends whenever possible.

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