10 IT Risk Management Issues That are Often Overlooked

The 10 Overlooked Risks

When an organization is faced with risk after risk, it makes sense that risk management needs to prioritize.  However, it seems that this can lead to even more risks. Way2PM has collected 10 IT risk management issues that are frequently overlooked:

  1. Key personnel losses in user areas
  2. Merger and acquisition fallout
  3. Poor communications
  4. Carelessness with vendors
  5. Board engagement in decision-making
  6. Distributed servers in remote locations
  7. Expert knowledge hoarding
  8. Employee dating and spouses
  9. Lack of documentation
  10. Your DR plan

Key personnel losses can mean misplacement of knowledge.  Merger and acquisition fallout can have similar effects because people worry about losing their job or position.  Both of these risks can be made worse by poor communications within the organization:

Most of us tend to operate on the run.  When this happens, communications become hurried, fragmented, incomplete, garbled, and misunderstood.  Always take time to clearly communicate about projects, tasks, and directives.  Failure to do so can result in disastrous projects or even in a disenchanted employee who decides to go elsewhere.  The need to communicate well seems to be a no-brainer – but the numbers of IT pros who complain about lack of direction and attention from their bosses suggests that it needs more effort than it is getting.

Disaster Recovery Plans: 

Of all of the rest of the listed overlooked risks, the disaster recovery plan may be the most important.  As the article says, “most DR plans are back-burner projects for IT.”  Frequently, disaster recovery plans are not considered until they are needed.  You do not want to find out that your DR is unusable out of date when you need it the most.  The article suggests updating your DR ever year, just in case.  This advice can be used for the rest of the overlooked risks.  If you attempt to solve problems before they occur, you will have less to worry about in the future.

Read the full article here: http://www.way2pm.com/blog/?p=2936

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