10 Inspirational Women in Project Management

In this blog post from PM4Girls, Elizabeth Harrin highlights 10 inspirational women who work in the field of project management. The list brings together notables from the UK as well as North America, such as Dame Sue Ion: Sue is the Head of Programme Management at the Olympic Delivery Authority for the Transport Team. Her role provides guidance and support to the teams delivering the transport projects for this year’s London Games. She offers the structure, oversight and challenge required to get these projects completed on time. The Transport plan for the Games includes projects like upgrading the Victoria Line, improvements to the station at Stratford International, the new northern ticket hall at Kings Cross (which makes it much further to walk for the interchange between tube lines, in my opinion, although it does look nice) and the Greenwich Pier extension for those using the Thames to get to the Games.The post goes on to list other big names like Rebecca Winston (founder of PMI’s Women in PMI’s Women in Project Management Specific Interest Group), Susie Weston (Program Manager of Barclays Capital) and Emmeline Pankhurst, campaigner for women’s rights in the UK and organizer of WW1 children homes.


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